Signs That Home Foundations Are Damaged

If you are like most homeowners, you may have wondered about the state of the home’s foundation. You need to know how age affects foundations, in addition to changes in the soil and landscape surrounding your home, as well as knowing how the state of the foundation affects the rest of the house, so you need to know when it is necessary to repair the foundation. Some foundation problems do not require attention immediately, but often the damage will only become worse with time, and will not improve on its own. It is essential to recognize early signs of a deteriorating foundation so you can call in a company that specializes in foundation repair so they can tell you whether or not the foundation of your home requires repair and whether the replacement must be extensive.

What Is The Right Time For Foundation Repair?

Many people wrongly believe that a newer house will not require repairs to the foundation. Although it is true that foundation problems become worse with the passage of time, more modern homes are not free from having a problem with the foundation. Even if you have a house that was built recently, it could already have a failing foundation. There can be many causes for foundations failing on newer homes, including soil that is unstable, changes to the landscape around the home, improper pouring and drying of the concrete, and soil that was improperly compacted below the foundation before the concrete was laid. In addition, if your home is older and has had no foundation problems to date, you can still encounter these problems with your foundation in the future. It is a mistake to think that an older house has totally settled into the dirt and will therefore never have foundation problems. An older home can still be affected by changes in the weather, such as increasing drought, invasive roots of plants, and other factors that can affect the foundation of an older home that seemed to be “settled.” No matter how old your home maybe, if you notice foundation problems, you should have it inspected by a professional expert as quickly as possible.

Signs That Foundation Repair Is Required

Your home may exhibit one or more signs that Edmonton foundation repairs need to be done. Obvious signs of foundation problems include interior floors that slope, doors, and windows that are sticking, and cracks forming near the corners of window and door frames. You may notice cracks along with the exterior bricks or siding or a space between the ground around your house and the exterior of the home. Here are a few other signs that your home may require foundation repairs. Experiencing flooding in the basement, or seeing leaks from the roof or attic, or having water pooling around the house after heavy rains can all be a sign that your foundation is damaged. When nail heads protrude from walls on one side of the house, it can mean your foundation is sinking or shifting. Other signs that may indicate your foundation is not stable has a chimney that is cracked or noticing cracks on the interior walls in the house.

Never ignore signs of possible foundation problems no matter whether your house is old or recently built. Call a foundation repair expert to evaluate the situation thoroughly and help you decide whether your foundation needs to be repaired or if another factor is at fault.