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Questions About Home Foundation Repair

Pier and Beam foundations

Question: The insurance company needs to know what type of foundation my house has, the type of roof etc. I have no idea where to find the information. My husband has just passed away and he usually took care of this. ” – by ” ck

Answer: Hire a real estate home inspector. He’ll tell you all this plus point out items that are due of maintenance or repair. Any local real estate office can refer you to an inspector. Likely a very good investment if you have no idea about the condition of your home.

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Question: Besides a Foundation Repair company! Who can give me advice about my foundation? Structural engineer? Landscaper? Dr. Phil? Last one was an ice breaker 🙂 I know my foundation moves with the seasons, But i’m hoping it is something i can control with bushes, and watering… Any ideas would be great? Any personal experiences? thanks ” – by ” Joedal98

Answer: You can minimize the seasonal movement of your foundation by keeping the foundation’s perimeter at an optimum moisture level. There are professional companies that install a drip system around the perimter of a home that constantly supplies moisture to the soil that supports a home’s foundation. It is especially helpful during the drastic shift from extremely dry conditions to very wet conditions. The soil dries out and then rapidly expanses causing too much foundational movement. Soil types and other considerations do apply.

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Question: I have just moved into a hundred year old home that is sagging on one side. I want to know what kind of options I have before I purchase this house. Is there a cost effective way of fixing this problem???? ” – by ” woo

Answer: sounds like you ought to pass it by. contractors costs are with out a doubt, going to get expensive. Think about, how much dammage has the sag caused to the surrounding structure, and how long has that sag been ignored?

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Question: we are looking to buy a cute home, but the foundation is cracked and one wall is sinking…we may think it is worth it depending on repair costs. I just need and average cost nubmer just to have an idea of what we would be getting into. ” – by ” jenyluv2001

Answer: Wow! That’s just about rebuilding the whole house – think about it! The foundation – just by definition it means the base , in this case, of the house. You are looking at at least 20K maybe on up to 50K depending on the size and the land it’s being erected on – there could be an underlying problem – sinkholes, etc. – Seems like a bad investment unless you tear it down and start over! Remember – you get what you pay for!

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Question: It has been very wet here in Texas and colder than usual. The walls aren’t cracked but my neighbor said my foundation may have a crack in it! ” – by ” missmess

Answer: You foundation may be buckleling. Unless you can find a contractor that will work real cheap for you, if you are willing to give him other jobs by word of mouth or by your business, real estate etc…

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Question: A foundation repair company thinks we might have a leak because outside the house he saw the soil moist in one little area and most of the house is elevated except the front were it needs the peers because it dropped. Anyways he suggested a static test but won’t placing a camera to look at all the plumbing be better? The home is on concrete slab. ” – by ” asere

Answer: Cameras may or may not see the problem. A pressure test will always show if there is a leak, but it wont show where. Cameras are great for finding roots, blockages, and sags. A pressure test is great for verifying if the pipe is leaking. It is not easy to do a pressure test once the pipe is buried, as it has to be plugged before it enters the main sewer.



Question: my house needs a foundation repair but I don’t know where to start, if someone has had a foundation repair, would you tell me a good foundation repair company and about how much it costs? ” – by ” j. s.

Answer: I’m not aware of any particulars in your area, but you might contact a home inspector and ask him who he recommends. Also, some area builders may have someone they use. The following page may also give you some guidance. It is on home foundations: http://tulsafoundationrepair.net Once you find a company (or 2 or 3), ask them if they will give you a free estimate. Hope this helps.

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