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Question: We purchased a home that was built in 1976. The house had gone into foreclosure and was updated by the seller prior to us purchasing it. The weekend we moved in the master shower and bath didn’t drain well. After I ran several loads of laundry there was significant backup in the master shower, bath, and toilet. We have had 4 plumbers come out all of which have run a camera in the clean out and said we have an issue. They tell us it is likely tied to the foundation repair work the seller had done. They asked if we had a copy of the leak testing done post repair. The seller does not have any proof that this test was ever done and told us he was sorry for our bad luck. My question is do I have any legal options in the state of Texas against the seller? I understand I paid for and had an “option period” to explore issues. I feel like the seller misrepresented the facts of the repairs and condition of the home. Grasping at straws here, but closing on a house and two weeks later being told you need to sink $47K into it to replace all the cast iron pipes will do that to you. ” – by ” Jennifer

Answer: If they didn’t have the test done, they may not have known there was a problem to tell you about. Also, since you paid for an option period, that is when you should have had a certified inspection done. if you had, it likely would have shown the problem if 4 plumbers found it. There’s really nothing to do unless you can somehow prove the seller had the test done but didn’t disclose that. Otherwise, you failed to to due diligence and now must pay for the repairs.

Answer By: Frankie


Question: What does it mean when there is a crack where the wall meets the ceiling? Is is something expensive, like a foundation repair? Or, should I just fill it? By the way, it is a slab foundation. ” – by ” Debora

Answer: Jake is correct in his answer it’s from repeated thermal expansion of the roof when the sun heats up the shingles and heats up the roof joists it expands at a different rate than the wall. You can either cover up the crack or simply buy some spackle and spackle over it then re paint it. this crack is not a big deal, and you shouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

Answer By: skibm80


Question: I started a company that is now going great guns after a a year of trying to sell out my old business. I need an account. I deposit $3800 in my fiances account a week after signing over checks to her or I just go cash them at their bank. It hurt her buying a car the other day they said it didn’t add up that she works for me for $500 a week but yet deposits all that it was a long drawn out deal. I feel that a pre paid card isn’t for me I own a foundation repair company I don’t need a damn binky in my mouth. I am also work up my credit score. I has a shared account with an ex who trashed it she over drafted 666 dollars yeah that exact amount. Well I just walked away from her and the whole thing. I had a business and customers to focus on they come first. Can I get around this somehow? Its annoying and I don’t know how I am supposed to file taxes when I just cash checks 9 times out of 10. I can pay what ever I got to pay but will it go away or what? Wow I just noticed all my typing errors I cant talk on the phone and type on here at the same time yet people want me to level their homes pshh. No but really sorry all of you that have to read that I will stay off the phone next time. ” – by ” D

Answer: Once in chex you cannot open an account anywhere in the united states of america. How much do you owe the bank in your old account? Consider paying them. Did you know they will sue you eventually? They can go after your assets – your company ! Know that chex also has a collection agency that is showing up on your reports. Don’t fight paying this bank what you owe. —- Seems so unethical that a business owner will not pay what he owes a bank. The #1 rule of business – INTEGRITY Treat others like you would like to be treated. Or you will not prosper. Would you like others to “stiff” you for money?

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Question: I had the foundation repaired in my basement a while back and the dust from the cement is still there, I’ve washed the floor about 5 times since and it still hasn’t come off, got any suggestions about what I should do? ” – by ” White Scorpion

Answer: The cement is doing what it should. A previous questioner had trouble with the concrete floor in his garage. He spilt some vinegar on the floor and found it had eaten the surface the next day. If you can convince your wife to let you have some for an experiment ????? Beware vinyl stained by vinegar and swapping one problem for another. GL>

Answer By: ALEX


Question: I might get a job with construction but it says these positions are open only, i want to know what they are before i go. – FOUNDATION REPAIR – DRAINAGE – RETAINING WALLS what are those? what would i be doing? ” – by ” Wood

Answer: open is non-union – be willing to go home sore from muscles you didnt know you had till you get in shape

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Question: There are two huge sweetgum trees close to my house that belong to my neighbor. I have had foundation problems in the past and even though the foundation was repaired and lifted, I continue to have cracking walls. I am concerned that theses tree roots are growing into the foundation of my home. I have asked my neighbor about trimming or cutting them but she insists that she needs the shade they provide. Not only are they a nuisance with the sweetgums balls and leaves, but I fear they are uprooting my home. ” – by ” Bobbie C

Answer: Typically speaking, the roots go out as far as the branches do… If you could look at it without the dirt, it would resemble a reflection, with a similar branching pattern and width. Anything that forces against your home’s foundation can be a problem, so if the branches are nearing the rooftops or exterior walls of your house, you may want to hire someone to move the trees back a little bit. If not, let it be.

Answer By: â™Y Butterfly â™Y


Question: We have one corner of our house that has already been repaired by the previous owner, but now the grout outside is getting cracks in it again. That’s the only area of the house that has problems. We are going to get professional estimates, but I’d like to hear input from others. My husband has looked at the foundation from where he can and the slab is NOT cracked, so perhaps it is just cosmetic. We live on that black land soil which cracks during the summer. ” – by ” Gabrielle â™!

Answer: It is not uncommon in Texas for houses to have concrete slab foundations with cracks at the corners. This is not generally associated with an actual cracked slab but is due to stress at the corners. This can be cosmetically repaired if you like for $100 or so per corner but may not last long. You can even make the repairs yourself. If the foundations is truly cracked and you have walls that are also cracked and/or doors which will not close properly, then might you have more serious problems and need professional help. The average foundation repairs are in the range of $20,000 to $40,000 depending upon the type of repairs required, how deep they have to dig around your house, the number of pilings they have to place into the ground, etc.

Answer By: John


Question: We are looking to buy a house, however, it has some foundation problems. One wall in the basement is crooked, it is not parallel to the other wall. The previous owner has done a wall anchoring system but it is still crooked. If we buy this house, what can we do to fix this foundation problem? Will the problems continue to get worse or stop as is? ” – by ” minzhan2003

Answer: Request a structural engineers report,owner to pay for repairs and signed off before closing. Keep in mind regardless of what your told we are in a beginning of a re-session.There are so many foreclosures out there that you can pick and chose anything you want. My Best

Answer By: Rachel Lee


Question: nutrients for that particular plant and they just won’t thrive. The previous owners had foundation repair done at one time. There were no flowers when we moved here,but we thought maybe they just didn’t like flowers.Again, I planted Hydrangeas,Impatients,Azaleas and also begonias. ” – by ” Juanita

Answer: Need more info, hydrangeas should have bloomed, azaleas not and the others are just annual flowers, should have already been blooming some when you planted them. I think I need more info.

Answer By: gazeygoo


Question: leaks at 4 spots during heavy rains/standing water. worse on side where deck cover removed. did full perimeter foundation repair to fix slab and hoped this would go away as well. did not. roof checked and is good. foundation company said they don’t know and don’t do this kind of identification/work. desperate, as i want to replace flooring and repair walls, but cannot until this is resolved. HELP Anyone have any guidance for me? ” – by ” Lou

Answer: where are you located?? IM me at my page A good qulified landscaper can fix alot of problems with water, Is your grade on the exterior proper, Does the grade slope towards the house or away from the house? It should slope away. If not you need to have the grade fixed by a landscaper that knows what he is doing! Not all landscapers are created equal some are much better than others! Same as any profession!

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