Foundation Crack Repairs

Foundation Crack Repairs Can Be a Challenge

What do you do when you realize that you need foundation crack repairs? Sure, a small amount of a home “settling” is normal. But when you see cracks along the walls of your basement, floor of your garage, or your doors no longer close and latch fully-well, you can 

foundation crack repairs

more than likely blame foundation issues for the problems.

Ignorance is NOT Bliss When it Comes to Foundation Crack Repairs

It is never a good idea to simply ignore these foundation issues. Like so many other things in life, they will not repair themselves–cracks will widen over time and you could experience water seepage. You must take steps to halt whatever is causing the shrinkage that is weakening your foundation. Otherwise… well, you’re in big trouble.

There are some self-help ways to accomplish foundation crack repairs. For instance, an injection of epoxy or polyurethane foam into a concrete foundation crack can be a fast, easy way to halt the foundation issues if you act quickly. Or so homeowners might think. In reality, if you attempt to fix your own foundation then you are making a serious (and sometimes fatal for your home) mistake. See, odds are that whatever method you choose to use to fix your foundation will:

1. Not be the correct antidote.
2. Will not be properly employed.

If you are already experiencing some water seepage due to the foundation cracks, it may be in your best interest to hire a professional. A professional will know how to identify the extent of the damage to your foundation. If water is already seeping into your basement, it could be money well spent to bring in someone who is able to recognize whether there is only one crack to repair or if there is a bigger problem. And of course, it doesn’t hurt just to call them out and obtain a free estimate.

There is no definite measurement of crack width tolerance. Though there are benchmarks for structural reinforced concrete that professionals use, the exposure conditions also must be considered. Dry air exposure has a higher tolerance than a water-retaining structure, for example. The elements that will directly affect the floor or wall cracks must be taken into account before deciding what kind of treatment is required. Sometimes garage floors develop cracks and will deteriorate rapidly due to very cold winters and the salt from winter roadways being deposited along the cracks. Un-reinforced basement walls and slabs do not lend themselves to any standard benchmarks at all, but must be evaluated on a case – by – case basis-another reason to employ an experienced foundation repair contractor.

What sort of foundation crack repairs might your chosen contractor employ? Well it depends on the severity of your situation. Methods for more serious foundation issues could include jacking up the home and rebuilding the basement walls. In other cases you may find the answer is as simple as stabilization straps. Either way-these are jobs you cannot handle on your home. Attempting them could result in injury.


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