Foundation Repair in Tulsa

With pier and beam foundations, vertical movement occurs when the soil under your property shifts either by shrinkage (dry soil) or expansion (wet soil). Typically, this movement causes one part of your home or building to sink, settle or sag resulting in visible cracks. These cracks will show up at high stress points like the foundation itself, in floors, chimneys, around windows and doors as well as interior sheetrock and/or exterior brick walls.

With basement foundations, horizontal movement can happen when the soil outside of your foundation walls becomes saturated and expands, pushing inward on the foundation walls. The walls then leak, crack, bow, lean in or worst case scenario, slide in.

Depending on the severity, on-site soil conditions, and specific cause of the problem, several solution options are available through our company. These include:

heavy-duty smart jacks for crawl space stabilization
high-tech braces and wall anchors
mudjacking and soil injection
replace damaged piers and rotten beams

We also offer drainage management solutions, including french drains if appropriate. However, our first priority is always water leak detection and correction of these problems to make sure you have a permanent fix to your specific foundation issue.

Foundation Repair Pros Tulsa

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