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Are You Struggling With a Settling, Sinking or Sagging Foundation?

You’re here because you suspect or know that you have a foundation problem and are searching for a repair company with the right strategy. We empathize  with your situation…it’s not a fun issue to deal with. But rest assured, our company is the right place to find the best, most affordable solution which includes our Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

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Our top-notch specialists offer a variety of patented technologies to overcome the problems caused by the expansive soil conditions found in Oklahoma and specifically the Tulsa area communities. Extended periods of drought followed by periods of heavy rainfall, exacerbate the problem in our area. Our personnel and equipment offer proven, patented solutions for both residential and commercial buildings in need of correcting these issues and preserving property values.


The most important question at this point in your research is:

How much does foundation repair cost?

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Specializing in Pier and Beam Repair

With  pier and beam foundations, vertical movement occurs when the soil under your property shifts either by shrinkage (dry soil) or expansion (wet soil). Typically, this movement causes one part of your home or building to sink, settle or sag resulting in visible cracks. These cracks will show up at high stress points like the foundation itself, in floors, chimneys, around windows and doors as well as interior sheetrock and/or exterior brick walls.

With basement foundations, horizontal movement can happen when the soil outside of your foundation walls becomes saturated and expands, pushing inward on the foundation walls. The walls then leak, crack, bow, lean in or worst case scenario, slide in.

Depending on the severity, on-site soil conditions, and specific cause of the problem, several solution options are available through our company. These include:

  • heavy-duty smart jacks for crawl space stabilization
  • high-tech braces and wall anchors
  • mudjacking and soil injection
  • replace damaged piers and rotten beams

We also offer drainage management solutions, including french drains if appropriate. However, our first priority is always water leak detection and correction of these problems to make sure you have a permanent fix to your specific foundation issue.


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Foundation Repair Pros Tulsa

Invite the professionals at Foundation Repair Pros  out for a visit. We know you’re in a difficult situation and we have your best interest at heart. Let’s work together to find the best solution to protect your property value, once and for all. Be sure to check out our Contractor Reviews section for guidance on evaluating area contractor proposals.

Give us a call today – we’ll earn your trust and confidence with an honest, FREE onsite evaluation and a fair cost estimate on the best foundation repair that Tulsa has to offer.

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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair FAQs

  • When do you need pier and beam foundation repair?

Foundation repairs are needed whenever you see any of the common signs of foundation failure. These include cracks in floors, external bricks or drywall, around windows or doors, sagging, bouncy or sinking floors, doors won’t close or a leaning chimney. Whenever any to these signs are spotted, it is advisable to identify and get the problem fixed immediately because the damage will get worse over time.

  • How to level a pier and beam foundation?

Leveling a home on a pier and beam foundation involves raising the sinking portion of the home back to level and then anchoring the supporting piers to stable bedrock. This may involve adding new piers because existing pier spacing is too great to support the load of the house. It may also include replacing rotten piers and or floor joists/beams which have been damaged by mold, termites or fungi. Final leveling is typically accomplished by installing steel shims at the pier/beam interface.

  • What is the average foundation repair cost for pier and beam?

The average cost to repair a pier and beam foundation is about $2,500 with a range of $500 up to $5,000+. These foundations are generally less expensive to fix due to ease of access to the problem areas under the house and less expensive replacement support materials. Simply installing steel shims can solve the problem in some cases. In other instances, replacing rotten or severely damaged floor joist or girder beams and adding new piers/footings will be required to permanently solve the sinking or sagging foundation.

  • Does homeowners insurance cover pier and beam foundation repair?

The truth is most homeowners are NOT covered by their insurance because they have not purchased a “special policy endorsement” for accidental discharge and foundation repair. Even with this endorsement, you most likely won’t be covered unless you can provide evidence that your foundation damage was directly caused by a “sudden and accidental” incident for example a water or sewer line leak. Click here for more information:

  • Do I need to water a pier and beam foundation?

This may surprise you but the answer is NO! Pier and beam foundations are designed and built to minimize the effects of shifting clay soils which expand and contract with moisture. Keeping the crawl space area bone dry is the right goal. The piers will shift if too much moisture accumulates in the crawl space under the house. This is typically caused by a plumbing leak, HVAC duct condensation or external drainage issues.

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